Ladies' Tea Circle

Pictures from the Tea Circle

Although we began presenting open circle Sabbat rituals in 2001, over the years members of the Ladies Tea Circle and Men's Auxiliary moved away or have passed over, so that while the Tea Circle no longer meets and performs rituals together, the following photos show a sampling of some of the past activities.

Litha Altar

Litha Altar 2004

Puck   Litha

Puck Litha 2004

Dark Fairy Litha

Dark Fairy Litha 2004

Fairy Elemental Air at Litha

Fairy Elemental Air Litha 2004

Through the Veil

Through the Veil Litha 2004

Fairy Litha

Fairy Litha 2004

TheresaSiritsong and Carl

Theresa Spiritsong and Carl Miranda

Oberon and Titania

Oberon and Titania

Spiral Dance

Spiral Dance

Fairy Cakes and Wine

Fairy Cakes and Wine 2004

Preparing Maypole

Maypole 2003

At Beltane Ritual

Beltane Ritual 2003

Beltane Ritual

Beltane Ritual


Maypole 2003

Maypole at Beltane

Maypole at Beltane 2003


Jumping the Cauldron at Beltane 2003

Ann as the Cailleach and Her Son as Death at Samhain

Cailleach and Death at Samhain 2003

Ann Wearing the Sorting Hat

Sorting Hat 03

Night's End

Night's End Samhain 2003

Lord Morpheus as Papa Yule

Papa Yule 2003


Yule 2003

Yule Altar

Yule Altar 2003

After Yule Ritual

After Yule Ritual 2003

Black Mirror Samhain

Black Mirror Samhain02

WRCF Mabon

Ladies' Tea Circle presented 2002 Mabon for WRCF (Wiccan Religious Cooperative of Florida). This is the Altar with Conch and Antlers draped in black at the end of the ritual.